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The metaverse is
better connected

Uniting the entire metaverse. Every blockchain. Every platform. Endless new worlds await you, all built neatly into a crypto wallet that makes it easy to explore the metaverse, crypto and NFTs.

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Travel Across The Metaverse

Travel network for the metaverse

Curated List
Users will see a curated list of metaverse platforms and games. That will update based on their interests.
Know everything about the platform before entering. Blockchain, token, and if it's VR compatible.
Mass Adoption
With GMR's convenience services like simple authentication, auto switching blockchains, and easy gas fees, we will help bring mass adoption to web3.

Go MetaRail Gates

Immersive Gates

Select partners that are interested in a more immersive experience will have portals dropped into their platform.

These portals are as simple as you see here.

Ready to travel? Find a gate to jump through, choose your destination, done!

A Complete Metaverse Experience

A crypto wallet that's easy to use and intuitive
All Access
Allows seamless travel across the metaverse
Metaverse tourism invites new users into your world
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Metaverse Travel Network

Road Map

Dec 2021


  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assembly
Jan 2022


  • Market research
  • Whitepaper v1
Apr 2022

Proof of Concept

  • Prototype built
  • Testing begins
Oct 2022

Initial Launch

  • Metamask support
  • Travel enabled
Feb 2023

Crypto Wallet

  • Add wallet functionality
Jul 2023

Crypto Exchange

  • Enable crypto exchange
  • within GMR wallet

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